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Barcelona Tickets

Barcelona Tickets is your one-stop online store for FC Barcelona tickets for all home matches of one of the best football teams in the world! Find FC Barcelona fixtures, match info and tickets for all categories here to enjoy an awesome day out at Camp Nou stadium, the biggest in Europe.

The blue-and-red all-stars are waiting in Camp Nou to give you a show to remember. Enjoy the incomparable ambiance of Barca's stadium while on your Barcelona weekend break or family trip.

All in all, choosing to buy FC Barcelona tickets guarantees you will have a great time in Barcelona.


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pahore | 06/19/2016

15:04 | I want to buy 4 tickets at barca stadium for a live match when messi is also playing against any team. I need tickets in september 2016 is there any tournament of any match going on during that time.

mel | 09/08/2014

14:49 | when purchasing two tickets are the seats gauranteed next to each other? i do not want separate seats.

Nicholas Ross | 08/08/2014

22:48 | Hi would like to purchase 2 tickets for this game.

Isaiah | 08/04/2014

19:31 | Like to know if you can arrange for group of 9 for tickets match on 7dec. Is there group discount and will transport be provided to and fro camp nou? Based on previous season match what is usually the timing of the match is it in the afternoon or at night? Tks.

Vicente Ruiz | 07/28/2014

00:25 | I want to purchase two tickets for the match Barça Vs. Real Madrid for March 2015. Yo necesito dos boletos para el cotejo Barça Vs. Real Madrid a efectuarse en Marzo 2015. My wife and I are in Mississauga, Canada. Please let me know when the tickets are available. Mi esposa y yo vivimos en Mississauga, Canada. Háganme saber cuando estarán disponibles los boletos. Thanks a lot Vicente Ruiz

Fawzi Ahmad | 05/08/2014

10:12 | To whom it may concern I am interested in buying the cat 2 Lateral/long side 2 tickets 438-431.I didn't have the option to select the seats , I am also not willing to sit in the 500's. would it possible to find me good seats in the 400's 435-436-437 Regards Fawzi Ahmad

Peter Dewick | 05/01/2014

23:53 | Any chance of tickets for my son 21st please .peter dewick

Peter Dewick | 05/01/2014

09:14 | I would like to buy last home game tickets against athletico my son is 21 and would like to go to game im from irekand we have weekend booked we would just like tickets any where in stadium thanks Peter

Rasmus vetter | 04/22/2014

20:23 | I Want 4 trickets category 1 longside - please If you Can help me I Will be very harpy Rasmus vetter

lee fenney | 04/03/2014

12:31 | looking for 2 tikets for a,madrid game thanks

Greg | 03/25/2014

09:13 | Dear Sir or Madam. I am looking to purchase two tickets for Barcelona game on 17/18/05/2014. It is essential that both tickets are seated together. Can you guarantee that at the time of booking. Kind regards Greg

Noel Ashford | 03/06/2014

01:39 | I am looking to purchase 4 x category 1 premium of the Celta game on March 26th. They need to be next to each other, as this is a family of 4, including 2 young children. Can you help? Noel

enrique cascio | 02/27/2014

22:40 | hola soy de argentina y estoy viajando en abril, donde se compran los tickets para la final de la copa del rey versus R. Madrid? agradeceria el dato , saludos

Steven Rodriguez | 02/26/2014

06:44 | I am looking for 2 tickets together for the atletico madrid or athletic bilbao games in may. Please let me know if there are tickets together for either of those games and how I would be able to purchase and receive them. Thanks

Mette Borgholm | 02/23/2014

19:24 | I need 2 tickets to the game against Bilbao. Category 1 or 2 preferred.

Ron Mckee | 02/12/2014

09:21 | Hello living in benalmadena Malaga,trying to get 2 tickets for the Barcelona v man city 2nd leg c/l.hope you can help me,regards ron McKee.

brian merryweather | 02/10/2014

19:23 | Yo vivo en Manchester / Inglaterra y me gustaría comprar un billete para el FC Barcelona V Manchester City. I live in Manchester / England & would like to purchase a ticket for FC Barcelona V Manchester City. ¿Ha entradas disponibles para el partido de Liga de Campeones 22 de marzo de 2014. Have you tickets available for the Champions League match 22nd March 2014. Thank You Brian Gracias Brian

frank majer | 01/30/2014

13:30 | hi,iam wanting to purchase 2 tickets seated together for the barcelona v ath bilbao either in category 2 or 3.thankyou frank

Julie Winwood | 01/25/2014

12:00 | we require four tickets (together)for the game on weekend of 20th April 2014. We only want to purchase tickets. Please can you let me know if this is possible and how we would receive the tickets. Regards Julie Winwood

john mchugh | 12/21/2013

23:57 | Looking for 5 tickets for 2 adults and 3 children or or bank of 3 and bank of 2 tickets.

Kevin Coupland | 12/16/2013

21:54 | Good Evening, My name is Kevin Coupland and I am the best man for my friend's wedding. We have organised the Stag do for the 14th to the 17th of March 2014 and therefore are hoping to get tickets to the Barcelona vs. Osacuna game on the 16th of March 2014. I am currently e-mailing suppliers to try and ascertain the best possible deal. I am looking to purchase 12 tickets sitting together and therefore wanted to check the best deal you are able to offer. I am ready to make the purchase now so if you could send me the details I would be most grateful. I notice on your web-site when selecting the tickets you can only purchase a maximum of 10 seats together. Is there anyway to process 12 seats together? Many Thanks, Kevin Coupland

Nurlanbek Daminov | 11/01/2013

15:22 | we wanna 2 tickets to Barcelona-Espanyol any categoties. thanks, Nurlanbek

Hamad Ali | 10/20/2013

22:52 | Hi i need 4 seats togather i prefer on longside in the tobe. Thank you.

Raja | 10/11/2013

13:04 | Dear Sir Or Madam I am looking for ticket with reasonable price for FCB Vs Real Madrid, when I have checked your website, I found that the face value is ok , but the package you offer is very expensive. is it mandatory to buy the whole package. or we can get the ticket without the other things! please advise. yours faithfully Raja

john bulfin | 08/30/2013


Jonathan | 08/26/2013

00:20 | Hello, I would like to buy tickets for the FC Barcelona vs Espanyol match on Nov 3, 2013. I would like six tickets in category 1 in the same section preferrable in pairs or in groups of three. Is this possible? Please let me know if this is likely or if we will be split up. I reside in Vancouver, Canada. Will the tickets be delivered to my home address, my rental accomadations in barcelona, or stadium pick up? Thank you, Jonathan

neil | 08/11/2013

19:46 | how much are tickets for oct 27, looking at lower corners near corner flags? please email

Jhoann gonzalez | 06/22/2013

00:37 | I want to buy 2 tickets for The game Barcelona vs atlético de Madrid on august 28 in Barcelona please let me know when and where i may ti buy The tickets thanks

Murad Mustagov | 06/19/2013

14:51 | I need 3 tickets seated together

J. Ryan | 03/13/2013

13:49 |

congrats Barcelona in beating Milan! Go for champions, this year barça is winning champions again

Paul Jenkins | 01/16/2013

07:36 | I would like to buy 8 tickets for the barcelona v getafe game on 9/10 February . Do you have 8 tickets sat together? Or how many can you sit together in category 4 or 5? Thank you

David J. | 06/18/2012

16:46 | Eager for next season matches to see if they can make it without Guardiola

Leo | 06/18/2012

16:19 | Come on FCB!

Brian | 05/14/2012

11:44 | Great service plus wonderful match. Definitely an awesome experience

John Random | 04/05/2012

08:49 | I've looking for tickets to this match for long time. Finally have them. Hope to enjoy a likely-to-be victory of FC Barcelona

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